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About us

AMF Customs Broker and Forwarders, Ltd

The AMF acts in the customs area, as Representative before the Customs, in the customs clearance formalities of goods in the import and export, which aim at the full compliance with the Customs Legislation.
With its own solutions, AMF also coordinates and monitors the various operations inherent to the course of a given product, as well as the logistics of its transportation and / or storage.


At AMF, looking at the future optimistically, the company must act according to the highest standards of conduct and social responsibility. In order to satisfy the legitimate interests of the AMF Group, it defined as Mission to create value through competent and motivated employees, satisfying the needs of the customers and other entities.


  • Innovation: We surprise and bring value in the business areas where we operate
  • Responsibility: We act on a logic of sustainable development in the economic, social and environmental aspects.
  • Passion: We print total dedication to the work we do.
  • Excellence: We set ambitious goals and use all the power to achieve them.
  • Talent: We promote the development of the knowledge and skills of our professionals.
  • Honesty: We govern all relationships that we establish by ethical principles of integrity.
  • Trust: We strive to surpass customer and supplier expectations.


Respecting market rules, promoting fair competition, avoiding any practice that could prevent, distort or otherwise restrict competition. Relate to competitors in a healthy and cordial manner and promote mutual respect.


Ensure strict compliance with all, legal regulatory and national and international regulations in the regions where it operates. Provide, within our reach, all the required cooperation or information requested, according with the supervisory authorities.


Treat clients with professionalism, efficiency, respect, loyalty, good faith and dedication. Ensure equal treatment of all clients and not promoting any unjustified discrimination between them.
Provide services in order to satisfy the needs of the clients, fulfilling the agreed conditions and commitments assumed in accordance with the deposited expectations.


Choose suppliers based on impartial, fair and transparent criteria, without granting privileges or favoritism.
The selection must be made in accordance not only with the commercial conditions and quality of the proposed products or services, but also with its ethical behavior as perceived by AMF. Honor the commitments made.


Define human resources policies with respect for the dignity, diversity and rights of each person. Any form of individual discrimination incompatible with the dignity of the human person, including by reason of origin, ethnicity, sex, political conviction, religious confession, sexual orientation or physical disability, shall not be admissible sexual harassment or power abuse.
Treat each employee with justice and promote equal opportunities for personal and professional development, including through rigorous and constructive performance evaluation, participation in vocational training programs and encouragement of participation in extra-professional activities. Respect and promote the balance between work and personal life of the employee.


Provide a good working environment in the most adequate conditions of safety and health at work and promoting the team spirit, unity and mutual aid between employees.
Ensure communication, sharing and registration of information between employees.
Ensure compliance with the applicable safety, health, hygiene and welfare standards in the workplace, and its employees must strictly observe the laws, regulations, internal instructions on this matter.